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Depression can be treated

Just as there are many faces to depression, there are many ways to support your mental health and those around you.

If you need immediate help, please contact an emergency helpline.

Otherwise, choose the support pathway that works best for you.

BDAAD is not a service provider but we provide free information to connect local people with local mental health services and support available in the City of Busselton.

There is always someone you can talk with.  Reach out today.

Emergency helplines

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Call 000 if anyone presents with
life-threatening harm to self or others.

Free or low-cost local services

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Select from a number of free and low-cost mental health services available in the City of Busselton, including government and not-for- profit service prroviders.  Some require a referral from your GP while others require a booking or are call-only.


Online forums and chats

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Access chats and forums online, from the location that suits you, and you’ll receive help from people with lived experience of mental illness and others.

Support groups

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Come together with others to share your experiences and/or learn from others in a supportive environment.  There are a range of groups who meet in our local area.


Mental health apps

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Download an app to access activities, sessions and other techniques to practice as part of your daily routine.  Many apps are based on clinically-proven research and therapy techniques and provide evidence-based interventions.

Carer support

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Carers play an important role in our community and can need social support.  Being heard and understood by others sharing similar experiences can be reassuring and can assist with your role as a carer of someone experiencing depression or another mental health illness.